3D Printer Makers Expand Offering for Healthcare Professionals

Posted Date 11/29/17

This year’s annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America will see a host of innovations in 3D printing that will help the healthcare professionals improve their diagnostic, operating, and overall performance results.

Among the solutions offered are a joint one from Materialise and Siemens Healthineers, which are making the Materialise Mimics imprint software suit available to hospitals globally. The software models 3D anatomical models to be used in surgery training and planning. Via Siemens Healthineers’ syngo.via open app platform, the suit will also be made available to radiologists.

Philips was also among the companies featured at the start of the annual meeting, with the latest version of its IntelliSpace Portal 10 – an advanced visualization and quantification platform, which is particularly useful in the radiological diagnosis of cancer. This latest version has several enhancements specially geared towards cancer diagnosis and will also simplify data and offer lower costs.

The IntelliSpace Portal 10 interfaces with workflows from Stratasys, which partnered with Philips to improve patient care and clinician experience through advancing 3D printing applications in medical modeling.

Talking about medical modeling, Stratasys was also featured at the annual meeting of the RSNA with its BioMimics capability for 3D medical models. Utilizing Stratasys’ Polyjet 3D printing technology, the BioMimics solution offers functionally accurate replicas of organs and tissues, with vascular replicas also to be made available as a capability from next year.

Another 3D printing major, 3D Systems, also partnered with Philips on medical modeling to improve the outcomes of patient care through better planning and execution of treatment. In addition, 3D Systems introduced its new virtual reality software, D2P Volume, at the meeting. The system provides clinicians with the opportunity to create 3D anatomical models using medical imaging data.

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