3D Printer Sales Hit 1 Million

Posted Date 12/14/17

3D Printer Sales Hit 1 Million

Global 3D printer sales have hit the one-millionth mark with the sale of a FELIX Tec 4 machine by FELIXprinters to a Dutch fashion tech designer. The retailer that made the sale, Dutch Lay3rs, said the milestone is an important one. The commercial 3D printer industry has only been around for a decade and the number of sales to date is impressive.

These sales, according to consensus forecasts, will only continue to grow. By 2020, for example, Gartner projects a 15-fold increase in 3D printer sales to 6.7 million, from just 450,000 sold last year. 3D printer sales revenue will hit $21 billion by the same year, from $6 billion in 2016.

Already, 71% of manufacturers are using 3D printing, according to a PwC survey from earlier this year, and 20% of these are using the technology to make end-use parts. What’s more, 50% of manufacturers planned to increase their spending on 3D printing through 2017 and the beginning of 2018, reinforcing optimistic attitudes towards the tech.

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