3D Printing Can Help African Manufacturers Bring Costs Down

Posted Date 10/05/17

3D printing is one of the technologies that can help African manufacturers bring their costs down and make their products more competitive on international markets. 3D printing, along with digital tags like RFID, and the build of digital datasets, has been identified as important in the improvement of inventory management as it allows for urgently needed component parts to be produced on-site and quickly instead of maintaining extensive inventories of parts that are seldom required.

Predictive maintenance and analytics are another tech area that could help African manufacturers gain a competitive edge. In this case, by allowing manufacturers to anticipate when a machine or device would fail or need shutdown for maintenance. Down time costs are an important part of a manufacturer’s budget and the tech that can help bring them down is available.

3D printing will be instrumental for African manufacturers’ competitiveness improvement in another area as well. Rapid prototyping is an essential element of any manufacturing activity. Yet traditional prototyping can take months while 3D printing can only take hours sometimes. This is, let’s recall, one of the reasons 3D printing was actually invented.

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