HP Opens Manufacturing and Analytics Hub in Singapore

Posted Date 12/21/17

HP has launched a facility in Singapore, from where it will oversee more than 50 printing supply manufacturing lines and also research digital technology and 3D printing. There will be heavy use of robots, which will build printheads at the facility, and there are even tests of other types of robots—so-called cobots, or collaborative robots—that could be able to perform more complex activities, such as swirling a glass of water.

HP will also operate an Internet of Things lab at the facility, where it will analyze every stage of the printing supply manufacturing process in order to see where maintenance is necessary. That’s in addition to predictive maintenance and quality models development in a bid to improve quality and cut costs. 3D printing will also be utilized, for prototyping.

The facility, named Smart Manufacturing Application and Research Center, or Smarc, could be just the start of a whole network of such facilities around the world. Even on its own, Smarc could lead to 20% higher productivity across HP’s print supply manufacturing system.

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