RepRap Launches New, Bigger 3D Printer

Posted Date 09/18/17

Germany’s RepRap, one of the foremost 3D printer makers in Europe, has released a new product that targets makers of larger objects. The X400 v4, which is the fourth generation of the company’s X400 series, features great accuracy and speed, with layer thicknesses of up to 0.1 mm.

The printer, RepRap said, is quiet, can level the print bed automatically, and is great for low-volume industrial part manufacturing. The printer also has a filament tracking function, so if the printing material ends before the print job is completed, the printer pauses until new filament is added.

Multiple-color and multiple-filament printing is also possible thanks to the dual extruder system but what’s even better is that the software the printer runs on allows the user to set carious perimeters for the different geometries within a single complex item, the company said.

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