Researchers Combine Strength and Ductility in 3D Printing Steel

Posted Date 12/21/17

An international team of researchers has reported it managed to optimize a steel 3D printing process in such a way as to achieve exceptional levels of strength and ductility – two material properties that are mutually exclusive under normal circumstances.

The usual way to 3D print steel or any other metal is by building them straight from metal powders, which makes the finished object susceptible to deterioration in their mechanical properties, and attempts to enhance strength usually compromise ductility.

What the researchers did was devise a superfast cooling process. It’s so fast that the cooling rate ranges between 1000 degrees Celsius per second to as much as 100 million degrees per second. This results in a non-equilibrium state for the metal, and this non-equilibrium state creates some very interesting microstructures, which in turn lead to the improved mechanical properties, including strength and ductility.

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