SLM, XYZ Showcase New Printers at TCT Show

Posted Date 10/05/17

German SLM and Taiwan-based XYZ printing were among the notable participants in the latest TCT 3D Printing show in Birmingham. The German company’s jewel this year was the SLM 280 2.0 metal 3D printer and XYZ’s centerpiece was the Nobel Superfine printer.

The SLM 280 2.0 is an industrial printer utilizing SLM’s patented multi-beam laser technology that involves printing in an inert gas atmosphere. The printer has a build envelope of 280 x 280 x 365 and can be used both for serial production of high-quality metal parts and for individual objects.

XYZ’s Nobel Superfine is the fastest and most precise 3D printr in XYZ’s lineup to date, capable of producing layers three times thinner than a human hair. It is also the company’s first digital light processing device. According to XYZ executives, the printer’s properties make it particularly suited to the needs of the jewelry and dental care industries, at an affordable price, at that.

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