Stratasys with Strong Presence in Healthcare

Posted Date 01/08/18

Stratasys is one of the biggest and oldest players in the 3D printing field has established a very strong presence in the healthcare sector, providing the technology for anything from rapid prototyping of new medical devices to the functional modeling of organs and parts of the body that can be used for the testing of these devices.

According to Stratasys’s healthcare marketing division, who spoke to Medical Plastics News, the main advantage of 3D printed testing models is that unlike the traditional models—animals or cadavers—it replicates the human anatomy much more accurately that the animals and ensures the body part to be treated with the medical device has the same disease state as the one the device maker wants to treat.

And then, of course, there are the anatomically identical organ models that surgeons use to plan a surgery and estimate the chances of a positive outcome in advance so they can maximize them.

3D printing is well on its way to improve surgical care, recovery times, and save costs, all at the same time. Chances are that solutions like the ones Stratasys is offering medical device makers and surgeons will only become more popular in the future as printing technology develops further.

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