Top 10 3D Printing News from 2017

Posted Date 11/29/17

The end of the year is time for all sorts of lists and we are no exception. Here is a list of the top 10 developments in 3D printing we saw this year, compiled by

#1 HP’s first year as a standalone company, which was the release of its much-hyped multi jet fusion 3D printer and the acquisition of Samsung’s printing business.

#2 Desktop Metal made waves as metal 3D printing came to the fore as the next big thing in the industry that would immensely expand the applications of the technology.

#3 GE splashed $1.5 billion on 3D printing but has suffered losses from its other businesses and now has to divest $20 billion. It score businesses are all ones that have huge 3D printing potential: aerospace, healthcare, and power.

#4 Stratasys and 3D Systems, the two biggest players in the 3D printing field seem to have gotten back to their feet this year but are yet to report more meaningful growth in their financial performance.

#5 Seiko Epson announced it will be joining the ranks of 3D printer makers. The company has been working on 3D printing technology for the last five years.

#6 Crowdfunding seems to be the go-to channel for 3D printing startups. It is one of the most popular categories on crowdfunding platforms.

#7 The government is helping 3D printing startups: This year these, as well as 3D printing designers, received their $250,000 in federal cash rebates and their first R&D tax credits.

#8 Aerospace is still the top adopter of a lot of what comes from 3D printing and is likely to continue being so in the future.

#9 The need for standards in the 3D printing industry has become pressing and the first steps are already being made.

#10 3D printing disrupted the toy industry substantially. Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy this year and the world’s largest toy retailer approached Mattel with a takeover offer. Toys will likely become another central channel for 3D printing going forward.

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