Adobe's CIO Turning Her Team Into Customer and Employee Experience Orchestrators

Posted Date 05/30/18

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Employee experiences often differ than those of customer support experiences. Nonetheless, Cynthia Stoddard, Adobe’s CIO, is committed to ensuring that employee experiences are supportive and personalized. Stoddard explains that “with all the work being done with external-facing customer experience, linking up channels and personalisation, I believe you need to bring that inside the company and use those same techniques with employees.”


Cynthia Stoddard put her team leader to the task to create a project, called ‘Advancing the Inside,’ encapsulating these ideals. The project harnesses the same techniques that vendors employ to enhance customer engagement.  


Stoddard and her team leader took all employee-facing and took all employees and roles and grouped them into four different personas: builder, enabler, customer-facing, and communicator. Stoddard then layered two differed dimensions, one new employee and one international employee. Stoddard explained that “the aim is to marry all experiences within the company to those different dimensions.” She wants to enable the business and desires for her employees to control their own destiny.





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