Cartridge World now enters Middle East and North Africa

Posted Date 03/09/15

Equipped with state of the art technology, Cartridge World has more than 1,750 stores in 50 countries globally
Cartridge World cartridges are granted world quality certification for its quality, yield, and environment

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2 March, 2015: After success in more than 50 countries, Cartridge World, enters the MENA region in collaboration with Taleed International offering high quality re-engineered cartridges produced using state of the art technology. Taleed International is a subsidiary group of the leading Saudi conglomerate in hospitality and entertainment, Al Hokair Group. Operating from Dubai's Jebel Ali free zone, Cartridge World MENA is the master franchise for the Middle East and North African region. With more than 1,750 stores in over 50 countries, Entrepreneur magazine in the US has named Cartridge World among the top 100 franchises.

Taher A. Haj Yousef, Managing Director, Cartridge World MENA, said "We are very pleased to introduce Cartridge World, a prestigious global brand, to the Middle East and North Africa region. We believe the quality efficient cartridges will definitely be a game changer as it is carefully re-engineered to match the specifications of leading printer brands without any compromise. It's our adoption of groundbreaking technological innovations that ensures Cartridge World distributes environmentally sound and economically rewarding products that meet OEM specifications in an ever-transforming arena. We see great potential in the cartridges and are extremely enthusiastic about its growth in the region."

In a quest to consistently deliver reliable alternatives to high priced OEM consumables; Cartridge World uses some of the most exhaustive quality control methodologies in the industry. Cartridge World has pioneered robust re-engineering methodologies and unparalleled testing processes, which have enabled positive growth, thus satisfying millions of customers' year on year.

Unlike its counterparts in other countries, Cartridge World MENA has opted for finished goods only, so they can provide the superior, uniform quality and consistency of print.

The cartridges are compatible with almost all leading printers like HP, Xerox, Canon and Toshiba and offer a warranty of 2 years. Cartridge World is granted world quality certification for its quality, yield, and environment and regards high quality and reliability of the brand as its core strengths.

The global franchise sees empty cartridges as a global commodity and opportunity for revitalization. Cartridge World by this introduction is committed to reduce environmental impact thus benefitting individuals and businesses alike in the UAE.

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