Business-Inform 2015 International Exhibition : Main Results

Posted Date 06/08/15

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On the 19th–21st of May in the pavilion #69 AREC, Moscow, the Business-Inform 2015 International Office Equipment, Printing Supplies and Parts Exhibition took place. It was organized by the Informational Agency «Business-Inform» ( 65 companies from Russia, China, the USA, Japan, Germany, Turkey and Lithuania took part in the Exhibition. Most representative were the following groups of companies: Russia (33 companies), China (25 companies). 3 companies represented Germany, 3 represented the USA ( The exhibition was visited by more than 2300 specialists. It is notable that along with Russian seller companies management (around 35% of visitors) the interest towards the Exhibition was expressed by specialists from Russian buyer companies (more that 20% of visitors). The largest part of visitors came from different regions of Russia (72 cities and towns). The event was also visited by the guests from Japan, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Korea, China, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Estonia, and Azerbaijan.

Visitors showed considerable interest in the Fifth International Conference “Business-Inform 2015” which was held simultaneously with the Exhibition in the conference halls of the pavilion #69 AREC ( During the Conference the representatives of the leading printing supplies industry companies exchanged views on actual production and promotion issues on the international and Russian markets, evaluated main market trends, shared their forecasts. 13 reports presented on the conference were visited by more than 900 specialists. Most of them got the opportunity not only to hear the leading industry specialists, but also to discuss actual issues with them. The reports that attracted most interest were dedicated to the new printing devices from Kyocera, Sharp, Sindoh, printing outsourcing and MDS/MPS-solutions, printing quality evaluation, marketing in different segments of office equipment and printing supplies market.

On the 20th of May at the Business-Inform 2015 International Exhibition the First International Conference “Supplier and corporate buyer: two views on consumables procurement”, organized by the Informational Agency «Business-Inform» and AHP Association (association of specialists in corporate services and maintenance for Russian enterprises and organizations), took place ( ). During the Conference leading experts from the office equipment and consumables supplier companies (Komus, Casio, Veneta System, Delacamp, Ramis), as well as from the corporate buyers (Mitsubishi Electric Rus, YugNefteHimTranzit, Sovcombank) made their reports. For the first time at the Business-Inform Exhibition printing consumables procurement issues became the subject of a real discussion.

The majority of participants have noticed a significant increase in the number of visitors in comparison with the 2012–2014 Exhibitions (in 2013–2014 there were 1500-1700 specialist visiting the Exhibitions, in 2015 – more than 2300), as well as their increased activity. Stanislav Malinskiy, CEO of the Informational Agency «Business-Inform», commented on the exhibition results: “I think there were three major success factors. First of all, leading companies in the international and Russian office printing and consumables industry – DaLZ, TEKO, VTT, Ramis, Profiline, RM Company, Chipcart, Static Control, Integral, Delacamp, Katun – actively took part in preparing and carrying out the Exhibition, having invited their business partners from different regions of Russia, prepared interesting reports, presentations and other materials on their corporate websites. The second factor was the influence of the sanctions on the industry. Many Russian buyer companies have really faced with the necessity of saving and economizing. That’s why we can see the significant increase in the number of visiting buyer companies. Whichcartridgebrandisbetter? Is it better to remanufacture used OEM cartridges or buy new compatible ones? Whichsuppliertochoose? These and other questions were heard at the Exhibition and the Conferences quite often. Third success factor:  in 2014–2015 the Exhibition informational support improved greatly. The “Business-Inform Review – Issue for Professionals”, electronic “BUSINESS-INFORM E-News Digest”, press-releases distribution services, active support from the foreign informational partners – Recycling Times Media Corporation, RechargeAsia, JR Consulting – as well as  cooperation with AHP Association have had a significant impact on attracting visitors”.

According to the majority of exhibitors and visitors of the Business-Inform 2015 Exhibition, the informational events (exhibitions, conferences, seminars) are attaining more and more importance in Russia. Only regular supply of information by the industry leaders, open discussions about new products and tendencies would allow the Russian market to remain up-to-date, quickly reacting to the emergence of new and perspective technical and technological solutions on the world’s market. As a result, the majority of participants already confirmed their participation in the Business-Inform 2016 International Office Equipment, Printing Supplies and Parts Exhibition (Moscow, AREC, May, 2016).

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