Inkjet Forum India announces joint venture collaboration with leading Mumbai based publisher Colour Publications

Posted Date 08/01/16

Based in Mumbai, Inkjet Forum India has established a series of successful seminars, conferences and exhibitions in India on diverse subjects such as Digital Textile Printing, Industrial Inkjet Printing, Additive manufacturing and other applications. They also provide Be-spoke consulting and market research services to the various stakeholders of the inkjet industry. Inkjet Forum India announces joint venture collaboration with Colour Publications to form CNT (Catalysing New Technologies) Expositions and Services LLP.
“We are very pleased to announce this collaboration with Colour Publications Pvt. Ltd. to form CNT” adds Aditya Chandavarkar, Founder – Inkjet Forum India, “This collaboration will help us to leverage our market leading domain expertise and industry experience on a larger platform. It will also benefit us to draw into more than 6 decades of media and technical expertise at Colour Publications to reach out to the relevant mainstream industries in a comprehensive manner. This would in-turn also allow us to bring to the market more innovative conferences and technical seminars to develop and support the inkjet printing and additive manufacturing technology in India. We felt the need to infuse some new thoughts and minds into the same, and also take the inorganic growth path where needed to achieve our goals.”
Under the new arrangement, Inkjet Forum India now stands acquired by CNT, and will conduct its activities under the auspices of CNT, guided by CNT’s vision and principles.
Dilip Raghavan, MD of Colour Publications Pvt. Ltd, adds “Aditya Chandavarkar brings with him about 8 years of experience in business analysis, printing expertise and his expertise of creating Inkjet Forum India, which is the only platform in India for inkjet printing technology. It also gives us an immediate footprint and a quick market access in this specific area of Inkjet Printing. It gives us 5 years of assimilated experience, industry contacts and domain knowledge. Our core identity and expertise at Colour Publications gives us the downstream industry penetration where we could help the industry and technology grow in a sustainable and healthy manner”
The new engagement begins without any further ado and is already on track. CNT will develop and organise two diverse events -  Inside 3D Printing Mumbai (I3DP) 2016 and Inkjet India 2016 focussed on additive manufacturing and digital textile printing respectively. Inkjet India 2016 – Digital Textile Conference is to be held in Mumbai on 7th December 2016, during the INDIA-ITME Event to allow delegates from across the country and also overseas to be a part of the same. This would be a one-day conference with theme displays and technology showcases from across the digital textile printing supply chain. We already have leading technology players signed up for the same. I3DP Mumbai Expo and Conference moving into its second year after a successful launch last year will be held on 1st and 2nd December 2016 at the Nehru Centre. I3DP Mumbai will feature two days of conference sessions led by top industry experts, and two days of exhibitions presenting the latest 3D printers and services. Session topics will explore the ways to apply additive manufacturing to meet industrial and commercial needs in various industries including rapid prototyping, product development, medicine, automotive, technology, software, and more. 
We remain optimistic that this combination of Inkjet Forum India and Colour Publications Pvt. Ltd. will help us move to the next level in terms of our service to the industry and genuinely do something to shore up these sectors and enhance the knowledge imparted to the industry therein. We seek the active involvement of the industry and also your feedback on areas where we could serve you better. We are firmly here to stay!

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