Boeing, Oerlikon Jon Forces for Titanium 3D Printing

Posted Date 02/27/18

Boeing has struck a deal with Swiss tech group Oerlikon to develop 3D printing techniques using titanium. The five-year partnership will focus on developing ways of using titanium to 3D print structural components for the aerospace industry. The idea behind the partnership is to eventually standardize the whole process, from powder management to the finished product.

Standardization is a major issue for the 3D printing space as it simply grew too much too fast for anyone to think about standards. But now that the applications of 3D printing have extended into so many industries and expanded into so many directions, standardization has become a pressing problem. Aerospace is one of the industries where it is particularly pressing due to safety considerations.

Addressing this problem, Boeing and Oerlikon will seek to standardize titanium 3D printing and ensure that the finished products meet the flight requirements of the Department of Defense and the US Federal Aviation Administration.

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