China: The Future Master of 3D Printing?

Posted Date 02/13/18

China is the driver of 3D printing adoption in Asia thanks to a solid government commitment to the technology that includes specially devised plans for the industry’s growth and a lot of investment. Last year alone, $1.1 billion was spent on 3D printing by Chinese institutions and this will only grow in the future.

Asia is certainly no stranger to technological powerhouses. In fact, there is a lot of competition in the region in the area of 3D printing. China is simply bigger and has more money to put in the technology and into using it to create the workforce of the future.

China could soon eclipse the US and Germany in 3D printing adoption but there are challenges it has to overcome first, such as lack of regulation and standardization. These are essential when you use 3D printing tech to build houses, for example, or medicines.

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