Data to Help China Overtake US in AI

Posted Date 02/27/18

Abundance of data will help China win the AI race with the United States, says Kai-Fu Lee, founder of tech investment firm Sinovation Ventures in a recent article for the MIT Technology Review. China, he notes, has the most mobile phones in the world and the largest number of internet users – three times more than users in the U.S. What’s more, the Chinese use their devices way more often than Americans, hence the data.

The Chinese government is notably supportive of AI technology development unlike the U.S. government, which often gets bogged down amid competing interests. But leaving the AI race aside, Kai-Fu Lee warns that the world is unprepared for the AI age, which will come sooner than many believe thanks to this race. Millions of jobs will be lost to AI and millions of people will be disgruntled by that. This is an issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible and a universal minimum income is only one way of approaching it – not necessarily the best.

There are too many pressing questions surrounding AI to ignore them and yet this is exactly what the world is doing, not least because AI is evolving so quickly that the response time for every issue arising out of this evolution is getting shorter and shorter.

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