German Electronics 3D Printer Launches Two New Projects

Posted Date 07/06/17

Neotech AMT, a company specializing in 3D printing electronics, has announced its participation in two new projects aimed at expanding the technology’s horizons. One of these, an international initiative dubbed Hyb-Man focuses on the development of hybrid 3D printing methods specifically aimed at the production of various smart systems. In the words of Neotech, Hyb-Man will involve the study of polymer 3D printing combined with 3D printed electronics.

The second project, AMPECS, focuses on ceramics, and more specifically on the development of a “fully additive” manufacturing method for the printing of electronics with the use of ceramics as printing materials. At the moment, most ceramics 3D printers rely not just on additive manufacturing but on sintering after the printing. The method, when developed, will be particularly useful for printing electronics to be used in harsh environments such as space.

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