Half of Americans Expect Fully Automated Stores in Future

Posted Date 11/23/17

As many as 52% of Americans expect brick-and-mortar stored to probably become fully automated within the next two decades, a Pew Research Center survey has found. Add to this another 13% that say they are certain this full automation will take place and we have a majority of two-thirds expecting automated stores within their lifetime.

A similar portion of the 4,000+ respondents in the survey expect goods deliveries to become fully automated within the next twenty years. These results suggest that more and more businesses will start using drones, robots or other automation technologies to service their customers, with humans left to provide customer service at a high degree of personalization.

As automation advances, jobs will be lost, with those that represent physical activity in highly structured and predictable environments the first to go. These jobs represent 51% of the U.S. economy and generate $2.7 trillion in wages. The only comfort for people employed in these jobs is that the transformation will not happen fast.

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