Hedge Funds Raise Stakes in Canon

Posted Date 11/23/17

Stratasys reported a net loss of $10.2 million for the third quarter of the year, versus more than double that, at $20.8 million, a year earlier. Earnings per share increased, to $0.08 from zero in the third quarter of 2016. The EPS figure beat analyst expectations, sending Stratasys’ shares 4.3% higher after the release of the Q3 report.

Cash was stronger, at $302.8 million, including cash equivalents, with $4.6 million of cash from operations generated during the reporting period. The results suggest that Stratasys’ efficiency drive is starting to pay off.

By business segment, revenues from 3D printers fell by 6%, while revenues from printing materials and services both improved, by 3% and 5%, respectively. This suggests that even in 3D printers materials are becoming the main revenue drive, which was only to be expected as it makes the most business sense: materials need to be replaced much more often than printers.

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