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Posted Date 11/29/17

The artificial intelligence industry is booming despite warnings from Bill Gates, Stephen hawking, and Elon Musk about the dangers inherent in AI. Here are the ten hottest AI techs right now, according to Forbes tech author Gil Press.

  • Natural language generation, which basically means producing text using computer data, with applications in customer service, report production, and business intelligence summaries.
  • Speech recognition, which involves transcribing and translating human speech in computer-usable format, for applications such as interactive voice response systems and mobile.
  • Virtual agents such as Siri and Alexa, which are becoming increasingly popular in customer service, home management, and support.
  • Machine learning platforms, which produce algorithms, APIs, training and development tools, data, and computing power to deploy various models into applications and other devices.
  • AI-optimized hardware, which is currently used in deep learning applications and involves graphics processing units and appliances designed to run AI-oriented jobs.
  • Decision management, which is currently done by engines that insert rules and logic into AI systems to act as initial setup, training and also provide ongoing maintenance and tuning.
  • Deep learning platforms, which are collections of artificial neural networks with a number of abstraction layers used to teach AI pattern recognition and classifications skills.
  • Biometrics, which are systems built to enable more natural interaction between humans and machines, including image and touch recognition, speech, and body language.
  • Robotic process automation, which involves scripts and other tools enabling the automation of human actions as a way of enhancing business process efficiency.
  • Text analytics and natural language processing, which are used in cybersecurity. Their purpose is to teach machines to understand sentence structure and meaning, intent, and sentiment through statistical and machine learning methods.

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