Top 7 Tips to Localize Your Asian Online Marketing

By Curt Keller //

The Asia Pacific region encompasses nearly half of all humanity. Marketing digital print technology and consumables in this gargantuan and highl y complex market requires creativity, commitment, market sensitivity, superb customer service, and deep pockets. The resul ts can be wel l  worth the effort and if you’re implementing your Asian online marketing correctly, the boost in your bottom line can be nothing short of prodigious. Following these top seven tips will assist you in localizing your online marketing to the primary Asian Pacific markets.

1. Leverage Japan’s Mixi & Yahoo
Japan is one of Facebook’s strongholds but competitor Mixi is driving for the lead by placing a coherent emphasis on monetization and launching their own proprietary contextual advertising platform.     Yahoo Japan has also upgraded its search engine to version 3 which is a major part of their migration to Google technology in the market, a long-awaited move which may drive Yahoo to be an even greater search player in the land of the rising sun. Cross-channel promotion continues to provide the best results in the Japanese market, thus digital print technology and consumables marketers may be well advised to expand their social networking reliance to support their email marketing beyond the conventional standbys of Facebook and Google searches.

2. Cater to South Korea’s burgeoning smartphone market
A total of 20 million South Koreans are smartphone subscribers, representing fully 40 percent of the population of the country. These smartphoners chew up apps at an astounding rate, placing app usage as second only to search as the most popular activity. South Koreans have an average of 42 apps on their phones, the second highest number of any country in the world. The necessity to craft email newsletters intended for South Korea specifically for mobile display may be even more important here than in any other Asian market. It’s also time to consider developing an app specifically for the South Korean market.

This app should tie in to your digital print technology and consumables offerings while toeing a fine line to refraining from being too focused on your direct products and services. The most effective apps are the ones which provide valuable content, not act as interactive commercials. It also goes without saying that your South Korean email templates should be readily displayable on smart phone screens.

3. Beware tight Chinese avails = skyrocketing costs
China represents an online market of virtual monopolies, with the top twenty sites owning fully three quarters of all display revenue generated in the nation. If you’re supplementing your email marketing with national ad buys, you’ll find that some of the primary portal websites have taken to boosting their advertising rate cards several times a year to keep up with the booming demand to the point that many of the prime positions have reached stratospheric cost levels. Typical  of a suppl y and demand si tuati on, the cost i s skyrocketing because the best positions are snapped up fast. Advertisers are advised to firm up their commitment up to nine months in advance in order to ensure that they will receive the most advantageous positioning. You’ ll have to plan ahead… way ahead… if you’re trying to make a splash through the synergies of email marketing and online display advertising.

4. Rely on international email service providers over local in India
According to the Indian Reputation Authority, domestic email communications platforms are averaging just about half of all sends as nothing more than spam. International companies are expanding in India with some going as far as allocating a dedicated customer service manager to the larger accounts. These large multinational email service providers have a considerable operational edge over some of the smaller domestic providers as they can apply the infrastructure which they have developed in other markets to provide a world-class range of offerings for email marketers in India, while minimizing the proliferation of spam.

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