Analysis of the Imaging Consumables Industry's Sales and Marketing Channels


The consumables market in China is growing in association with various supplies companies setting up their own channel sales system, and relying on traditional sales channels, as well as agents and distributors of traditional stores and a counter sales platform in order to promote and sell their products.

With a model based on network technology and internet sales growth as well as logistics and financial transaction optimization, the traditional channel sales model has also transformed into an evolutionary platform.

As a representative of the traditional sales channels, Beijing Laser (BL) has established a unique sales channel.  In addition to establishing its own product development and production system, its own raw material supply system and other related production support system, it has actively established and maintained a self-controlling marketing network.  The marketing channels have a profound impact on business growth and profit model which has led BL's marketing network to function like a channel, allowing the consumer or user to access BL’s products or services and to have the products provided at the right time, the right place, and in an appropriate form, to the right people.

Beijing Laser: Channel Sales is the King.

BL established channel sales based on the following factors:

① to provide the best products to dealers,

② add value to their products through service,

③ adhere to the “win-win” mentality for both dealers and the company,

④ information technology, standardized management

⑤ develop customers' brand loyalty

Du Hai Yong,  the general manager at BL, mentioned in his interview that based on its own growth needs they have careful selected their partners. The screening criteria are not harsh but are consistent with the company's development strategy. For dealers, BL not only implements the price protection strategy and payment-term policy, but also provides sales rebate, promotional support, annual incentives and other measures to ensure their dealers’ level of profitability.  At the same time, BL develops a friendly relationship with their dealers' by extending good support and being understanding while they face tough times in order to achieve a good foundation for long-term cooperation.

With the rise of a widespread network and a new media age, more and more supplies enterprises have invested in constructing the network sales and marketing channels, such as companies like Beijing Yang Fan, Print Rite, and Shandong Fu Mei.

Beijing Yangfan: specializes in building online supplies marketing channels, a milestone accomplishement for the excellent sales performance for the company.

An online trading platform ( developed in 2008 was a great success! The site is informative, has a professional consumables product database and can present five thousand types of consumable products. Baidu, Google and other search engines and web media outlets have become an important online channel for China supplies products.

The website has become the China government's appointed supplies vendor. They are also a designated office product supplier for China Unicom, China Industrial, Commercial Bank, and China Agricultural Bank branch offices. China's provides users with online ordering and online advice/consult services.

This online supplies network has brought tangible benefits and win-win opportunities to the company and its partners.

Print Rite’s Hao Shop/good-luck-express - The characteristics of this online trading site is summarized in four simple words: plenty, faster, better, and cheaper.

They are simple words but fully embodies the characteristics of the printing supplies e-commerce trend by catering to consumers' demands for faster service and cheaper pricing.

“Plenty” - Reflects the type of available goods and models that are available, both domestic as well as well-known  foreign printer brands.  Good-luck-express can be a good business model as it combines its factory with e-commerce.  Via this e-commerce site, the production unit at Print Rite can fully understand the consumer, the end users' demands, much better.

“Faster” - Reflects the sales purchase process and service.  The site offers fast checkout and swift one-day delivery if the order is placed by 4 p.m. Payment is also very convenient and a variety of online payments are accepted such as Alipay. For companies and businesses as consumers, time is life, efficiency is money, at this point, Good-luck-express has the consumers' interests in mind.

“Better” - Reflects the quality of supplies and product guarantee in association with Print Rite products.  Print Rite products have serviced the market for more than 30 years, and has an impeccable reputation of providing solid quality products.

“Cheaper” - Reflects the price of supplies and the product price point in order to stay competitive. Quality is the lifeline. Credibility is the key. Quantity is to win. Having these three mottos in mind, Print Rite is able to gain market share in today's competitive printing supplies market.

Shandong Fu Mei - Fu-mei has announced that their "cartridge life cycle system" allows a user to order a cartridge then have it sent back for recycling all through their e-commerce site.

The number of registered users has been rising since its launch. It will be "more direct" and "thorough" in order to promote a seamless connection between the manufacturers and end users. Fu-mei's official website,, deploys an easy registration system and gives customers direct access to Fu-mei’s online store. Subsequently, the factory direct supplier will issue a VAT invoice, provides free delivery and after-sales service thereby eliminating the middleman.

Their model of "cartridge life cycle" with direct supply to an "e-commerce” platform easily solves the problems of collecting the empty cartridges.  Selling the old cartridge directly with one click at Fu-mei's official website allows you to turn an old empty cartridge into handy cash.

However, only the network channel sales platform is far from being able to keep up with the pace of supplies sales companies where new channel sales models constantly surface.

奥特来斯 Outlets: China's first warehouse offering specialized factory-direct, large scale, graphic equipment and supplies stores.

"奥特来斯" literally translates into 'outlets'.  In English, it means the exit, way out.  Outlets have existed over a long period of time in the retail business by selling out-of-season brand goods or goods that have excessive stock. So called 'Brand Outlets' or 'Mall Outlets' were first born in the United States and have an almost 100-year history. Gradually they evolved into an independent retail format.

(双高路图文广场)Double-high-road Plaza is located in the copier's green industrial park in Nanjing, a centralized purchasing center with a large wholesale factory that serves as a direct supermarket. It services hundreds of thousands people in the sizable printing shop community. This model is in direct competition with the traditional wholesale channels model but Double-high-road Plaza is committed to building a "one-stop service” platform for their shopping mall customers and manufacturers.

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