Print-Rite’s 3D Cow Stuns at Art Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

A strong perception about 3D printers is that their function is restricted to making only prototypes, outer shells and showpieces. Well, there is more to 3D printing than anybody can think of and it is a continuously evolving process with new utilities like this being discovered every day.

On April 27th, at the Community Culture & Art exhibition held in Sha Tin, Saigon, Hong Kong, a life-size cow sculpture printed by Print-Rite CoLiDo drew the attention of a large crowd of media guests and onlookers.

The cattle sculpture is prototyped on a painting [Reference: Also Aboriginals] jointly created by artists Huang Deming and Huang Zeyuan. The work depicts a stray cattle living in the Saigon area. At the exhibition, Huang Deming said that on holidays tourists often spot cattle in small groups in Saigon. These wandering cattle have been part of local farms, but, as the agricultural industry began to decline 30 years ago, most of the cattle was abandoned. He hoped that this work could serve as a reminder to respect life. The cattle sculpture printed by Print-Rite CoLiDo 3D printers became the focus of attention at the Exhibition. After learning about Mr. Huang’s wishes, Print-Rite wanted to assist him in his mission.

The sculpture, on a 1:1 scale, was created using the 3D scanner and the advanced CoLiDo 3D printer. It stands as a vivid demonstration of the significance of respect for life and animal protection. This 3D simulated 1:1 Cattle is the work of this large 3D Printer: CoLiDo Mega 3D printing is alternately known as additive manufacturing. Compared with traditional subtractive manufacturing, additive manufacturing, which is more time and cost-effective, can maximize the utilization of materials, and replace mold-based manufacturing. It can help transform designs into models rapidly, bringing convenience to people.

It takes only a dozen hours for Print-Rite to print a gradient vase as shown Desktop 3D printers are helpful for office and home users. They sometimes use environmentally friendly materials and are easy to operate, with some so lightweight they are in effect portable. In recent years, with the rapid development of the 3D printing industry, the publicity effort by the media as well as the popularity of 3D print knowledge, 3D printers have found their way into various household applications.

In the past, 3D printing was often perceived as a magical brush capable of materializing whatever it painted. Now, as the technology becomes increasingly mature, this magic is gradually emerging into a reality influencing our daily life. The mysterious veil of 3D printing has been lifted: many 3D houses, 3D print workshops and modeling studios have cropped up around the country and 3D print has been the choice of many new entrepreneurs. According to China Computer World, a report titled 3D Print: the Next Revolution in Industrial Production jointly issued by Consumer Technology Association and United Parcel Service in the United States predicted that in the next four years its market turnover will treble, reaching USD 21 billion.

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