Reaching China’s 70 Million Professionals Through Email Marketing

By Curt Keller //

The latest Statistical Report on Internet Development in China published by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) reveals some startling and alluring information which is definitely of interest to any online marketer to the world’s largest population. These statistics and trends show that the market for digital print technology in China is growing at a rate unmatched anywhere in the world, and that email marketing is a superlative way to reach the nearly 70 million internet connected Chinese professional technicians, executives and managers: a staggering figure which is considerably higher than the total population of France.

More Chinese online than the entire population of USA &Mexico combined
The CNNIC report figures were accurate as to mid-2010 and show that the number of internet enabled individuals in China had reached 420 million. To place this figure into perspective, it is a number greater than every man, woman and child in the United States and Mexico combined. This statistic continues to burgeon and it would not surprise observers if the 500 million mark is not breached at some time in 2011.

Mobile web enabled devices will surpass desktop computers in China this year

The global proliferation of mobile web enabled devices has found its greatest expression in China where mobile net users had reached 277 million and continues to grow at a rate of 18.6% per year. At this rate China will exceed 325 million net users by late summer of 2011. Desktop computers managed to hold on to a very slim lead of just 11.6% over mobile devices in the numbers of total units utilized to access the internet as of the middle of 2010, but the number of mobile units should be able to surpass desktop computers in China by the end of 2011.

Dialup has faded away now with almost all Chinese users having broadband
The perception of the Chinese net user primarily accessing the internet at work or at one of the country’s countless public internet stations is another long standing trend about internet usage in
the country which has been reversed. The CNNIC report states that fully 88.4% of all net users actually access the web from their place of residence. China had often been derided for its reliance on dialup especially in rural areas but that failing seems to have been reversed, with 98.1% of all Chinese users who access the web doing so through broadband services.

The Chinese market is aging and getting richer
One of the most significant statistical findings of this study for digital print technology marketers is the fact that the age of the average Chinese net user has increased significantly in the past
couple of years. The number of users over the age of 30 has been increasing at a rate of 12.4% per year which equates to a prediction that the threshold of 50% over 30s should be exceeded in early 2012. Fully 15.2% of all Chinese internet users claim an individual monthly income above 3,000 yuan, which represents a market of approximately 50 million people in 2011. The reason why this is so important for the Asian digital printing industry is that as the Chinese net user ages and earns more money, they become more attractive as an email marketing target for print technology products which would be unavailable to lower income earners, and not at the prime point of consideration for the younger set.

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