SMEs Need Wider MPS Adoption

Posted Date 08/10/15

Managed print services are being increasingly adopted by large enterprises but adoption rates among small and medium-sized businesses have been lagging behind considerably. This should come as a surprise given that various reports claim that 75% of small and mid-sized enterprises rely on printing for their most important activities. So why is it that they are not saving money using managed print services?

One answer is that MPS providers are not yet perfectly clear about the specific needs of smaller businesses and they are not doing a very good job of getting the benefits they can provide across to these same small businesses. Another reason is that SMEs widely suspect that MPS is costlier than in-house managing of their printing activities.

The mutually beneficial way forward is for MPS providers to start working on customized offerings for small and mid-sized enterprises, offerings that will save them money and remove the suspicion of MPS being too expensive. This requires better communication between the service providers and their users. In short, MPS providers need to convince small and medium businesses that the services they can provide them with will be worth every last penny invested in them. Adopting MPS will unquestionably benefit those small businesses and will help them focus efforts and money on actual growth while someone else takes care of their printing and document management activities.

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