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Posted Date 02/16/15


Static Control, the most trusted and reliable name in the industry, is the world leader in aftermarket imaging and recycling technology. Through their global distribution network and landmark View on Demand Webinars, available exclusively to our valued customers, Static Control provides high quality products, on-demand training in 22 languages and responsive technical support.


UniNet is a worldwide quality manufacturer and solutions provider to OEMs and remanufacturers, as well as a distributor of printer toner, smartchips, and cartridge recycling components. UniNet offers a wide and complete selection of its brand name products consisting of Absolute COLOR® toners, Absolute Black® toners, Unichips™ powered by UniNet Innovative Technologies, Unidrums™ and Unirollers™. UniNet’s product line includes wiper blades, PCRs, MAG rollers and doctor blades among others.


Since 1996 Mega Laser (Singapore) Pte Ltd has been providing and meeting the demand of copier parts, laser parts, imaging products to dealers and businesses around the world. The company specializes in copier parts and consumables. Based in the hub of Asia, they aim to be the leading distributor in copier products worldwide.

AlphaChem was established as the foundation’s in-house corporation thanks to the recognition of its advanced technologies in the digital printing industry in 1998, when Gyeonggi Small Business Foundation invited openly venture companies to move into the foundation. Starting out with a vision to lead a revolution in the field of digital printing in Korea, AlphaChem has now grown into a driving force, not only in the domestic market, but in the world market as well.



Founded in January 2000, Partsmart Corporation is a manufacturer-based wholesale company dedicated to parts and supplies for laser printers. Recently, they have expanded their manufacturing factory to a larger facility of 81,000 square feet and over 400 employees in China. In addition to basic products such as heat rollers, pressure rollers, lamps, pickup/feed rollers, separation pads, delivery rollers, covers, paper guides, gears, bushings,  cleaning rollers, caution labels, etc., they have invested a great deal of capital to hi-tech products. After more than two years of extensive research and development, they have finally released their aftermarket fuser film sleeves, thermistors and thermoswitches.  Owing to the hard work and advanced management, Partsmart successfully passed ISO 9001 qualification processes and obtained ISO9001:2000 QMS Certification in November 2004.

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