A Short Guide to AirPrint

Posted Date 06/28/16

Apple’s AirPrint service offers the opportunity to print wirelessly from any Apple mobile device onto any compatible printer. Tech Times has compiled a short guide for using the service based on information supplied by Apple.

Initiating the printer job starts with finding the appropriate app and clicking on its share or settings icon. Apple warns that not all apps have a print function, though. After tapping the “print” icon, the user can select the printer they want to use. A list of AirPrint compatible printers is supplied by Apple. The user needs to make sure, however, that both their mobile device and the printer are connected to the same network. After that, they just need to choose how many copies they want and tap “Print”

Canceling a printing job is also easy: the user just has to tap the “Home” button, go to the Print Center and cancel the printing from there. Errors could be experienced if the mobile device is not running the latest version of iOS and if the printing app has not been updated. Another reason could be a non-updated printer.

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