Two New 3D Printing Techs to Watch

Posted Date 08/09/16

As we know, the 3D printing space is bursting with constant innovation, so here are two projects worth watching: Borealis and Symbionica.

Borealis is a metal 3D printing technology that, unlike other 3D metal printers working with metal powder, uses a robotic arm with a revolving head that can mix the powders while the printer is working and having it melted with a laser. The printer can also jet binders and materials. In addition, the Borealis has a second laser that can save a lot of time from secondary finishings by performing the smoothing, texturing or hole-drilling in the finished product while it’s still in the machine. The project is at the prototype level right now, with the final version planned for 2017 or 2018 and market launch for 2019.

The Symbionica, for its part, is researching the viability of a 3D printing system specifically targeting the production of personalized bionics and prosthetics – basically smart implants that are cheap enough to be economically viable and good enough to serve their purpose. The project aims at a super-high level of customization, relying on a variety of materials that can be mixed within the sale item, which will be a clear advantage over currently existent prosthetics and bionics.

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