AI Can Help Deal with Cybersecurity Challenges

Posted Date 12/14/17
Artifical intelligence, although itself considered a potential venue for cyberthreats, can become an essential solution to a lot of major cybersecurity problems, writes Jacques-Pierre Dumas for Security brief Asia.
Currently, most cybersecurity solutions focus on endpoint protection and attack detection, while in the future the focus needs to shift to attack anticipation and response, with much shorter response times. AI can become instrumental in achieving this, especially since cybercriminals already use automated processes to carry out their attacks. In short, businesses need to start fighting automation with automation.
One of the potential applications of AI in cybersecurity, Dumas says, is for whitelisting normal behaviors and identifying suspicious behaviors and alerting those in charge for the possibility of a breach. AI can help shorten detection and response times significantly, which is crucial in today’s times when attacks can take just seconds to inflict serious damage on a network.

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