Chinese Scientist Warns Against Overreliance on Imported Chips

Posted Date 03/19/18

China is over-reliant on imports of electronic chips, which could threaten its cyber security, a prominent scientist has warned. Vimicro Electronics Corporation’s chief scientist Deng Zhonghan noted that China splashes $200 billion on chip imports, which makes them its top imported product, ahead of oil and natural gas.

Relying on imported chips for artificial intelligence, Deng says, could pose a “severe threat” to national cybersecurity. Hence the scientist called on the government to stimulate the local chip industry by providing capital and access to capital markets.

A cybersecurity expert agreed with Deng’s conclusions, noting that the biggest danger from imported chips is that they can easily take control over the “interiors of computing and information systems.” Qin An, an expert with the China Institute for Innovation and Development Strategy, said this reliance on imports is slowing the Chinese chip industry down but noted that international cooperation should be encouraged to benefit all parties involved.

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