Cybersecurity is All about Risk Mitigation

Posted Date 08/29/17

Cybersecurity has become another buzzword. What hides behind it is risk mitigation, industry experts believe. Instead of selling technology to businesses to enhance their cybersecurity, what service providers should focus on is risk: they should have a conversation about risk and ways to mitigate it.


One such company, for example, PC Assistance, starts its work for a client with a vulnerability assessment to identify the areas of the greatest risk that needs to be addressed. Another cybersecurity provider, InteliSecure, says they sell the chance for making better business decisions rather than technology. What InteliSecure does is offer its clients realistic security objectives and quantifiable ways in which the tech solutions they offer will reduce risk and costs over time.


As one industry expert, Michael Echols, puts it, business executive understand risk management. They don’t necessarily understand technology, however, so using the language they can understand is better all around. The chief executive of the International Association of Certified ISAOs explains that cybersecurity providers need to become translators for executives, helping them navigate the strange lands of cybersecurity tech in a way that will educate them and make the benefits of such solutions clear.



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