Cybersecurity is an International Problem: Experts

Posted Date 05/23/18

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Cybersecurity is an international problem and as such requires international collaboration. This is the opinion of experts in the area who attended an industry event organized by The Straits Times recently.


One cybersecurity expert, David Koh, the chief of Singapore’s Cybersecurity Agency, noted that the nature of cybercrime itself should prompt more international cooperation in the field. Koh stated that cybercriminals do not respect national borders. In fact they target more than one country in their attacks, thus the response should be international as well.


The collaborative efforts in cybersecurity should also transcend the public/private border to be effective, the experts said. This could be a tough nut to crack because of the conflict of self-interests between the public and the private sector. Yet, the conflict needs to be cracked if cybercrime-fighting efforts are to bear fruit.




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