Cyberthreats Getting More Serious

Posted Date 03/19/18

Cyberthreats are becoming increasingly serious not least because the great majority of organizations have no formal cyber security incident response plan, a new study from IBM ahs found. The company polled 2,800 security experts and other IT professionals and found that as much as 77% of organizations had no CSIRP in place.

This is surprising given that some 57% of business leaders believe that it is now taking them longer to resolve cyber incidents and 65% have noted that the severity of cyber incidents is increasing. It is hard to comprehend why, in these circumstances, the majority of organizations don’t just lack a CSIRP, they lack any form of a cyber incident response system.

More interesting still is the finding that 72% of respondents believe their cyberthreat resilience is greater today than it was 12 months ago. The reason: they can now hire skilled cybersecurity staff. That’s not true for all, though: just 31% said they had a sufficient budget to pay for the personnel and tools—such as AI and machine learning systems—to boost their cyberthreat resilience.

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