Enterprise of Things Fraught with Cyber Risks

Posted Date 11/06/17

A new report from BlackBerry has warned that the growing adoption of connected devices in Internet of Things environments has increased cyber risks. The conclusion, which came after a survey of businesses from a wide range of industries and government agencies, is hardly a surprise: the cybersecurity sector has been warning that IoT brings with it a lot more cyberthreats.

At the same time, this conclusion once again highlights the urgent need for cybersecurity solutions that can be scaled to handle billions of connected devices, as BlackBerry’s COO Marty Beard said in the report.

“We are focused on securing the EoT because for all its promise, the expanding adoption of connected things means that companies are only as secure as their most vulnerable endpoint.” Beard said. The survey, meanwhile, found that at least in terms of cybersecurity awareness, things are looking good in the enterprise of things. A majority of 78%, for example, said they would be interested in a cybersecurity solution allowing them to manage all the endpoints of their network from a single place. For 63% cybersecurity was top concern when it came to digital tech and processes. Yet, as App Developer magazine notes, only 37% of those surveyed had a formal digital transformation strategy prepared.

In terms of preparedness, it seems the enterprise of things is most vulnerable to external attacks: almost 66% of respondents in the survey said hack attacks and cyberwarfare were their top concerns. Also, for medium and big enterprises, with a workforce of over 10,000, there was an additional challenge: lack of collaboration between departments. This was true for 51% of medium-sized business respondents and 39% of large enterprise respondents.

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