Humankind Must Be Careful with Robots

Posted Date 11/23/17

There are currently a quarter of a million robots used in the United States alone, and the number is higher for Japan and China. Tech companies are constantly working on new, better robots to take on chores or more complex tasks including policing and military drills. As robots are programmable devices, some experts are beginning to worry about what we only read about in sci-fi books and watch in genre movies: killer robots.

One such expert, Robert Siciliano from cybersecurity firm Hotspot Shield, gave as an example drones that can bomb humans without a human pilot. What if, Siciliano asks in an interview with Fox Business, the drone makes a mistake? Of course, there is also a scarier question: what if someone hacks the drone and gives it a new target? Robots can effectively become weapons of mass destruction, which is why already 22 countries are lobbying the UN to ban killer robots – devices that can identify targets and strike them without human control.

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