Time to Enter the Zero Trust Era in Cybersecurity

Posted Date 11/07/18

In a time of constantly expanding cyberthreats with cybersecurity efforts invariably lagging behind cybercrime capabilities it seems clear that the time for focusing on zero trust security has come. This is the view of at least one industry insider, enterprise software strategist Louis Columbus, after the release of Wipro’s State of Cybersecurity Report 2018.

Some of the findings of the report were that the healthcare industry is the top target of cybercriminals, with 41% of breaches during 2017 aimed at it, with banking and finance coming in second, with 18% of cyberattacks targeting banking institutions last year.

Yet these are by far not the only two industries facing a looming crisis with regard to cybersecurity. Cybercriminals are getting bolder and more inventive. It is time for zero trust security, according to Columbus.

ZTS comes down to securing all points of a network that involve identity management. Humans and their data are the weak links in any network, so making these weak links as secure as possible should indeed be a top priority for any company. No wonder then, that Wipro’s report found security architecture and design will be the top-ranked security competencies for the future. Right after them are artificial intelligence and machine learning as the industry realizes machines are probably better at handling cyberthreats than humans.

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