Can 3D Printing Save the World?

Posted Date 06/20/17

It may sound weird at first but the exhaust fumes that internal combustion engines release are not the biggest environmental problems with cars. It is actually manufacturing that is the biggest producer of harmful emissions. One company, Divergent 3D has a solution: 3D printing cars.

The company holds patents to equipment and 3D printing software that make it possible to 3D print component parts that can then be assembled into a car by hand or by machines. According to the company’s head, Kevin Czinger, this process is much less energy-intensive and uses fewer materials, effectively reducing the carbon footprint of carmaking. It is also cheaper, featuring 80% lower factory costs than traditional manufacturing.

Divergent 3D has already partnered with French car major PSA and has raised $28 million. Plans are to find more carmaker partners in the coming years and eventually advance a kind of democratization in the automobile industry, with small designer firms create car models and then customers order them custom made by an automaker. In the future, Czinger says, this approach to manufacturing could be extended to architecture as well.

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