Dutch Researchers Prepare to 3D Print Bridge

Posted Date 06/27/17

Researchers from the University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands are working on a type of 3D printed reinforced concrete, to be used for the construction of a cycling bridge. It will be one of the first 3D printed reinforced concrete projects. The concrete elements, from which the bridge will be built, are already being 3D printed and construction is scheduled to begin in September. The researchers have already tested the technology by printing a smaller version, 1:2, which was capable of enduring a load of 2,000 kg.

Among the advantages of a 3D printed concrete structure are the lower cost because less concrete goes into it, and the greater freedom of design inherent in the 3D printing technology. Also, the different elements of the bridge structure—the concrete parts and the steel reinforcement cables—can be 3D printed simultaneously, which makes the final product more stable.

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